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Powercore Technology Co., Ltd. is China's leading enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of overseas charging pile technology. The company began technical research and development in 2015. Up to now, the company has a series of products and technologies: OCPP cloud platform and APP, 7-43KW AC charging piles and 20-240KW DC charging piles that meet European, American, and Japanese standards. EVCC conforming to European, American, and Japanese standards, etc.



  • No.1 OCPP and EV Charger Developer in China
  • No.1 EVCC Supplier in China
  • Master Core Technology
  • Professional Charging Solution Supplier
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NKR-ADC002 Fast DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Fast DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station Output Power 60/120/150/180kW Double/Triple Outputs CCS1/CCS2/CHAdeMO      
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New Product of Our New DC Charger Series
Aug 04, 2023 New Product of Our New DC Charger Series
 New Product of Our New DC Charger Series
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CE certificate of AC charger
Jul 14, 2023 CE certificate of AC charger
CE certificate of our AC003+ AC003+ EV charger is an AC EV charger for commercial use and can also be delivered by vehicle, rated power of 7 ~ 22kW.  It supports both Type1 and Type2 . There are two types of mounting: wallbox and and floor-stand. The whole machine design is simple and practical...
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EVS36 Sacramento Exhibition
Jun 16, 2023 EVS36 Sacramento Exhibition
Join us at EVS36, the premier event for the electric vehicle charging industry, held in theSacramento city , USA.  From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking innovations, this exhibition is a must-attend for anyone passionate about advancing the future of electric mobility.
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TELEC Certification for the Japanese market
May 23, 2023 TELEC Certification for the Japanese market
We are thrilled to announce that our AC006 Charging Station has successfully obtained the TELEC certification, further validating the exceptional quality and reliability of our product. This achievement signifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge charging solutions that meet the highest stand...
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NKR OCPP Platform Recognized as Trusted Charging Solution by MobiE
May 12, 2023 NKR OCPP Platform Recognized as Trusted Charging Solution by MobiE
We are delighted to announce that our OCPP platform has been recognized as one of the trusted charging platforms by MobiE. This is a testament to our continuous efforts in providing high-quality services and products, and we will continue to strive for excellence to meet our customers' needs. As a c...
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Supercharging Station Coming~~
Apr 17, 2023 Supercharging Station Coming~~
 A supercharging station that boasts a fully liquid-cooled architecture and an IP65 rating for low maintenance and super-quiet operation.  Single gun support up to 600A charge, this high-powered charging station is engineered to deliver lightning-fast charging times for even the most deman...
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